Sunday, 22 March 2009

29. Dakshin Digvijay … Hydrabad

Before marching for Dakshin Digvijay, Shivaji made excellent arrangements for the administration of his state during his absence. Peshwa Moropant Pingle was in charge of the northern territory. Annaji Dutto was in charge of southern region. Central region of Panhala was under administration of Dattaji Trimbak Vaknis. Also Netaji Palkar, the X-general of Marathas, who left Shivaji in 1665 & joined Mughals, later converted to Islam & was send to province of Kabul, returned to Deccan with troops of Diler khan in 1676. He quickly made his mind & joined Shivaji. Shivaji not only welcomed him but reconverted him to Hinduism on 19th June 1676.

Shivaji moved out of Raigad on the Dussera, 6th Oct 1676 for his Dakshin Digvijay. He visited holy shrine of Parshuram at Chiplun in Konkan. He also mates saint Mauni Baba. Earlier he took blessings of Samartha Ramdas when he visited Chaphal in Satara. Hambirrao Mohite, General of Marathas, was send to engage Pathans in western districts of Vijapur. Where he came across Hasan khan Miyana & his brother Qasim khan Miyana. This battle in known as battle of Yelbarga. Happened in Jan 1677. After a desperate struggle Pathans broke & fled. Both brothers were captured by the Marathas. 19 yr old Nagoji Jedhe, grand son of Kanhoji Jedhe died fighting with great brevary. Maratha forces later joined Shivaji on the way to Hydrabad (Bhaganagar).

Shivaji arrived in Hydrabad sometime in feb 1677. Abul Hasan, King of Golkonda & his ministers gave him a magnificent reception. The city wore a festive look. The streets were sprinkled with saffron water & adorned with flower garlands. Banners & flags waved to & fro. Innumerable citizens assembled to have a glimpse of the great Chhatrapati. The women in the city performed his Arati with lighted lamps & bowed before him. Gold & silver flowers liberally showered upon him.

Shivaji agreed to help Golkonda against Mughals & Vijapur. Shivaji stayed for about a month in Hydrabad. Abul Hasan agreed to pay a subsidy of 3,000 hons per day to Marathas as long as campaign lasted.

Marathas were now ready to conquer Vijapur territories in south.

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