Wednesday, 11 March 2009

20. Bardesh Mohim Against Protugiz

३ desais of konkan - lakham sawant, keshav naik & keshav prabhu were always encouraged by portugiz for making incursions into shivaji's kingdom.after returning from agra maharaj attacked bardesh - goa in nov. 1667 with reference of treaty between portugiz governer n mirzaraja jaisingh shivaji arraived at rangna on 8 nov.1667 with 5000 infantry n 1000 horsemen with him.

he camped a near by rangna fort.he made sudden incursion into bardesh territory on 20 nov.1667.he plundered 3 imp villages in the area n withn next 3 days. he overran nearly whole of bardesh before portugiz could offer any resistance. main cause of this mohim was to plunder 3 desais who were under portugiz protection. they ran away to goa. after 3 days on 23 nov. 1667 shivaji left portugiz territory n started peace negotiations. finally sighed a treaty with them on 12 dec.1667while coming back maharaj visited temple of saptakoteshwar n renowed it completely which was demolished by portugiz in 1540.

marathi n portugiz versions of treaty r kept in goa archives till now.

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