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27. Coronation

Shivaji’s coronation is a landmark in the history of INDIA. During the Mughal supremacy, the Mughals Empire in India was equated by Indians & foreigners alike with gov. of India. International agreements with Mughals were considered as treaties with India. ‘The Great Mughals – Emperors of India’ was the term generally used in international parlance in those days. There was direct Mughal administration on major parts of India except Vijapur. But Golkonda & other small states were only for name sake as jagirs or mandlik. Rajput states were also reduced to zamindars. They will be employed as commanders of forts, officers of military or 2nd in command after Mughal generals. Few exceptions were Mirzarajah Jaisingh & Mansingh of Orissa.

Shivaji’s coronation & setting himself as sovereign prince symbolizes the rise of Indian people in all parts of the country. It was a bid for Hindavi Swarajya. The so called proud Maratha chiefs were serving under Mughals & Vijapur & still thought of Shivaji as less in status than any other rajah. So it was important for Shivaji to legalized his position & show them that ‘who he was’ The desire to have Shivaji as Coroneted king was seems to have been widely held by all classes of people. Gaga Bhatta , having heard of this fame came from Benaras to have an interview with Shivaji. He was distressed that,“ Muslim kings set on thrones, holds royal umbrellas above them & exercised sovereignty, so why not Shivaji rajah, who had dominated four kingdoms, created an army of 75,000 horses & captures so many forts, had no throne & did not exercise the rights of a sovereign.” He told Shivaji that you should also hold royal umbrella (Chhatra) This idea must have been in his mind from well before to get Coronated. Continous war with Mughals from 1669 shows his determination.

In coronation he struck gold coins & created a 'shake', known as 'Shivshake'.(This jun we will enter in 336th year of Shivshake) Before coronation Shivaji visited Pratapgad on may 19, 1674 & paid his obeisance to goddess Bhavani. He made an offering of a golden umbrella of 3 maunds & costing 56.000/- to the goddess. He was a Kshatriya i.e. warrior caste. Due to political turmoil, certain rites (sanskars) are not to be followed by Khatriyas. Hence he sacred thread-ceremony. Then golden image of Vishnu was given away(Tulapurush dan) then the marriage ceremony with his 4 wives (for the 2nd time) was gone through. This happened on may29 & 30, 1674.

On morning of 6th june 1674, Shivaji ascended the throne. It was truly historic day. A golden throne weighing 32 maunds was made & inlaid with the choicest & most precious jewels of the nine kinds. Water from the 7 great rivers & other imp rivers of India & also from sea were brought. It was settled that 8 ministers (Ashtapradhan) will pour this water from golden jars on the day. The throne was adorned with 8 pillars decked with jewels. The expenditure of this ceremony amounted to be 1 crore & 42,000 hons. All 8 ministers received a lakh of hons, one elephant & horse, clothes & ornaments.

“The Maratha king was now 1st to become Chhatrapati. This was event of no ordinary significance.”

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