Tuesday, 10 March 2009

19. Peace With Mughals…War With Vijapur

In Deccan war against Vijapur was losing battle for Jaisingh. Soon a face saving peace was patched up with Vijapur. Jaisingh was called back to Agra. He died on his way back at Burhanpur on 28th aug.1667. Peace loving Muazzam was appointed as viceroy of Deccan. Aurangzeb was worried about Persian invasion on Delhi same time. In north east, Assam tribes were fighting restless with Mughals. He couldn’t afford to open a new campaign against Vijapur or Marathas. Shivaji too wanted peace. With reduced territory he requires time to consolidate his position, & if possible to formulate new polities towards Vijapur & his other neighbours.

Shivaji now wrote to Muazzam, “I am a hereditary slave of the imperial court & my son Sambhaji has been created a commander of five thousand, but has received no jagir as tankhwa. I now beg that his majesty would pardon the offences of this servant, restore mansab of my son & assign a jagir to him. I am ready to render service in person whenever I am ordered.” Soon Sambhaji received Jagir in Berar & other places. He moved to Aurangabad with his Contigent to render service to Mughals. Now Shivaji secured a free hand from Mughals to seize as much as Vijapur territory as he could – the present districts of Satara, Sangli & Kolhapur. He attacked Phonda & Rangna, & captured it. Soon he recovered all his possessions excepting some parts of Phonda.

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