Wednesday, 4 March 2009

14. In Konkan 1664

Aurangzeb, was deeply mortified at Shivaji’s sack of Surat. A new campaign against Shivaji, this time under more competent general, had to be decided upon. Aurangzeb called upon Vijapur to wage was against Shivaji. He offered to excuse & waive the tribute to the extent of 30,000 hons (Rs. 1,20,000/-). Shivaji too made a conciliatory gesture to Vijapur. Bur pressure from Mughals increased. Finally Vijapur general, Aziz khan, descended into the Konkan & captured Kudal. Shivaji attacked town of Vengurla, in the possession of Vijapur, in oct. 1664.

The Marathas attacked Khavas khan. After a bloody battle the Maratha forces were repulsed. Meanwhile, Baji Ghorpade, Sardar to Vijapur, rushed to Khawas khan’s assistance. Shivaji attacked him. There was always a rivalry between Shivaji & Baji Ghorpade as Baji was involved in Shahaji Raje’s arrest in 1648 by Vijapur. In the severe fight Baji died. He was carrying a considerable money with him to make payments to Khawas khan’s army. The tresure fell into Shivaji’s hand. Khawas khan hurriedly withdrew to from Konkan in nov. 1664. Shivaji immediately marched up to Kudal & captured it. The desais, local chiefs, who had allied themselves with Vijapur fled asylum to the Portuguese territories. Shivaji chased them up to the borders. Same time he raided Vijapur. He thus reestablished rule again in the south Konkan. It was to remain under the Marathas thereafter.

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  1. Baryach lokani maharaj jeva talkoknat utarle to route pakdoon treck kelet. Jya prakare maharajani sasainya kokan mohim keli tyach vatene payee jayacha prayatna karoon naghana nakkich romanchkari ani stutya ahe.