Monday, 16 March 2009

25. Nationwide Political Move ...

Shivaji’s aim was to broad base his activities against the Mughals. Vijapur was witnessing a power struggle as Ali Adil Shah died on 24th nov. 1672. His son was only 4 yrs old. This became cause among the nobles for seizure of power. The Pathans under leadership of Bahlol khan & Deccan Muslims & Abyssinians under Khawas khan were fighting with each other. Also Abdullah Qutub shah, king of Golkonda died on 21st apl 1672. He was succeeded by his son–in-law Abdul Hasan, known to be last of Golkonda king.

Shivaji made an alliance with Golkonda with 1 lakh hons. Shivaji’s meeting with Rajput chief Chatrasal Bundela is also important phase to consider about polities in north. Bundela was inspired by Shivaji & gave him training. He also advised Chatrasal to go to Bundelkhand, organize resistance against Mughals & liberate his Motheland. He tied sword to Chatrasal’s waist & give him blessings. All this situations opened new horizons for Shivaji. He was waiting for such opportunity. He prompty attacked Vijapur & captured fort Panhala. Annaji dutto & Kondaji Farjand led this attack. The date was 6 mar 1673. Sooner fort of Parli, later known as Sajjangad, fell in apl 1673. Satara fort was also captured on 27 july 1673. Now Vijapur was aiming to launch an attack on Shivaji.

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