Sunday, 22 February 2009

7. Into Mughal Territory

Aurangzeb worte to Shivaji on 22nd april 1657, “In fact all the forts & mahals pertaining to Vijapur, that are in your possession now have been confirmed to you as before. I also leave to you the revenue of the fort of Dabhol & its dependencies, as desired by you. Your remaining prayers will be granted & you will be comprehended in my favour & grace more than you can imagine.”

Shivaji got alarmed by this letter. He was worried about his jagir of Poona & Chakan. To secure them he marched against Mughals, & plundered Junnar in 1657. Aurangzeb was wild with anger. This was to be the reply to his efforts of seducing Shivaji to his side?

Now he wrote to his officials - “Invade Shivaji’s territory, lay waste the villages, slay people without pity & plunder them to the extreme.”

Mughals also captured Kalyani & Bidar forts of Vijapur. Soon the treaty came between Mughals & Vijapur as Shahjahan got ill & Aurangzeb wants to go to Delhi. With this opportunity Shivaji swooped down Kalyan & Bhiwandi on 24th oct. 1657. He also captured fort of Mahuli. Shivaji purposely confined his activities to Konkan & avoided incursions into Khandesh – Mughal districts.

Aurangzeb felt deeply mortified. But he hardly could do anything in the hurry to go north.
Shivaji also deprived the Siddis of many of their strongholds on the main land on other side.

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