Sunday, 22 February 2009

3. The Early Days ...

Shivaji born on 19th feb. 1630 (falgun vadya trutiya, shake 1551 by Hindu Calendar date) on the fort Shivneri who gave mightiest challenge to Mughal empire. Shortly after Shivaji’s birth, Vijapur forces attacked & destroyed the Poona ‘jagir’ of his father Shahaji Raje. He was busy mobilizing his resources & all his efforts could not save Poona from destruction. It remains a wilderness for about 8 yrs. In november 1630 Shahaji decide to serve Mughals again but sooner in 1632 he broke away. With strongholds in Nashik, Junnar & Konkan Shahaji kept relentless struggle against Mughals from Nijamshahi. Vijapur was watching his admiration the struggle which he was waging against the Mughals. In 1636, the struggle ended. Nijamshahi was destroyed completely by Shahjahan with the help of Adilshah. Shahaji joined Adilshahi & was send to south to take part in campaigns. But Poona jagir was restored to him. Also Banglore was won by Vijapur & was fled to Shahaji Raje.

Jijabai & Shivaji, stayed on with Shahaji till Shivaji was 12 yrs old. It was then decided that Jijabai should move to Poona with Shivaji & manage the jagir there. There was no estrangement between Jijabai & Shahaji. It was primarily a simple, practical arrangement. At the age of 12 Shivaji arrived in Poona, sometime in 1642. He was accompanied by small band of trusted officials of Shahaji. Under the guidance of his mother Jijabai, a lady of remarkable character & determination to whom he was deeply attached, Shivaji grew up into a man of firm beliefs & devotion to his creed & culture. It was this pride in the great heritage of the country, a deep religious instinct, & a broad spirit of tolerance, which blossomed in him under the affectionate & watchful eye of his mother.


  1. Congratulations for this blog. With your kind of unbiased knowledge and wisdom on the topic, I am sure this will provide the thoughtful nourishment to the replenished and deprived brains who have a quest to know Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in proper light.

  2. Just cant stop reading this,very well written

  3. Deepti :I have a query ,,so when Shahaji Maharaj moved to Adilshahi, Pune became part of Adilshahi or something !!

  4. yes in did depti... after treaty between mughal & adilshah @ mahuli in 1636 shahaji was with adilshahi & hence his province of pune, chakan, indapur were under adilshahi. even forts of sinhagad & purander were under central admin of vijapur.