Sunday, 22 February 2009

6. Entraning into Javli…

With widening borders of Swarajya in west & south Shivaji opened conflicts with Chandrarao More of Javli. Javli was strategically positioned between Konkan & Ghats. It was extremely important for communication between Ghats & Konkan for Adilshahi. Shivaji steadily & causiously, aiming at extending & consolidating his power looking for entering Javli, waiting for the right time. This was 1655. His plans were to break communication between Ghats & Konkan for Vijapur.

Shivaji wrote to Chandrarao More of Javli about his vision of Swarajya & asked him to join the venture. Chandrarao More replied; “I m the king. Shri Shambhu Mahadev has given me sovereignty. You should not in future entitle yourself as rajah. You have become a King only yesterday. Who has bestowed upon you this sovereignty? If you have any courage in you, you should meet us today & not postpone the visit till tomorrow.”

Shivaji’s campaign against Chandrarao More was sharp & swift. On jan 27th 1656, Shivaji marched into Javli & captured it. At the time Kanhoji Jedhe, the Bandals, the Silimkars & other Deshmukhs of Rohilkhand were with him. Chandrarao More ran from Javli to Rairi. In May Shivaji took Rairi as well, after 2 months siege to fort. Chandrarao More lost no of people. Even his 2 sons died in the battle. Many fled & joined Adilshahi. With annexation of Javli & capture of Rairi (later known as Raigad – 2nd capital of Swarajya) Shivaji made incursion into central Konkan with straight threat to Siddis & Vijapur. Now Shivaji started constructing a massive fort called Pratapgad (Bhorpyacha Donger) into javli.

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