Friday, 20 February 2009

1. Introduction

This blog is created by editing a book called 'Chatrapati Shivaji'. The book is written by Setu Madhavrao Pagadi & published by National book trust.

Series of topics from his birth (1630) till the death (1680) will be covered in this blog.

The aim of this blog is to spread information & knowledge about Chatrapati Shivrai & Maratha History all across the globe.

I hope you will like it.



  1. good work rohan...!!
    jai bhawani..jai shivaji ..!!

  2. Very nice blog Rohan...Thanks for all the efforts :)
    Jai Bhawani...Jai Shivaji !!!

  3. Good work & gr8 effort.Keep it up.
    Jay Bhawani......!!Jay Shivaji.....!!!